I’ll stop being mysterious

So you are probably wondering what I am actually doing with the Free theme. After ripping up all the fabric, I started placing it on my design wall.

I am trying to create a grid that is not too regular, and shading through the background. Then after it was created vertically, I have transferred it to my long arm quilting machine to begin quilting the background

In the light areas I am adding pieces of lace doilies to create texture, and in the darker areas I am overlaying hand dyed/printed sheers to break up the regularity of lines.

I have also varied the quilting across the background to create different textures.

I am hoping that the gum (eucalyptus) leaf is evident in the quilting as the background is to resemble the Australian bush.

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One thought on “I’ll stop being mysterious

  1. I was definitely getting curious. I like that your sheers are dyed to give an extra layer of interest again.

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