Free Board and Lodging

Originally, the idea that I had for the Free theme for the AQS Challenge Exhibition was of being free through flight. In researching the type of bird I would like to interpret, I came across a fantastic little book on birds of south eastern Australian dry country. Even better, it was 50 cents at an op shop. Home it came with me.

I saw a bird in the book that I liked and thought may be within my drawing capabilities, the Pallid Cuckoo. Reading the information I found that it, like the English cuckoo, lays its egg in another bird’s nest and leaves the ‘foster’ parents to raise the chick. So the idea formed, care and feeding of the chick – no need for the cuckoo to feed the hungry chick all day . . . Free board and lodging.
I drew a basic outline and then enlarged it several times at the copy shop. My idea was to paint this bird onto fabric to appliqué to the quilted background.

Using the booklet as a reference, I enlisted my middle daughter to help mix the colours and with the finer details. Here is the final result.

To find out about the AQC Challenge, look here

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