Rusting Fabric – Day 2

The second day of the rusting workshop with Mignon Parker involved working on several small projects, utilising our experiences of the previous day’s experimentation.

We first created a background by painting aqua acrylic paint as a sky. Using an old credit or gift card, we then scraped paint in a vertical direction to crate building shapes, the more mixing of the colours the more arty it looked. Highlights were then added by dipping the edge of the card in black acrylic paint to define buildings, windows and other details. The card could be cut into different widths for different aspects of the painting.

Finally gold foil was used to highlight the architectural details and sky.

These imaginary buildings were completed on paper.

Canvas was used, and I am adding stitching to break up the gold sky and gold thread to enhance the dome effects. It is a representation of the Garden Palace that once stood in the Sydney Botanic Gardens.

Some freehand flowers to use up materials at the end of the day. The base fabric is calico.

It was an interesting workshop but those of us who attended saw some issues that would occur using rust done this way on fabric. More on that later. I did, however, really like the effects created.

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