Gotta love those gadgets

Some of my friends think that I am a bit of a gadget queen, but you know what – sometimes those gadgets come in very handy.

In the last 24 hours of quilting for clients, I have found 2 gadgets very helpful.

This is the first, The Cotton Picker

I bought this a few years ago with the idea of brushing threads off my clothes after sewing, too time consuming. But it did come in handy yesterday when I had to unpick a whole – repeat, whole – line of alphabet quilting.

I hadn’t realised that I had caught the wadding underneath until finished – but while it did not unpick the mistake, the cotton picker helped get all the threads out afterwards.


This morning’s handy gadget was a new one,

I was trying to do a simple border on a Japanese themed quilt for a client, wanting to keep the lines simple and clean. Looking in my reference books, I saw a lovely circle based idea, but there is no way I can stitch a nice steady circle without help, my circle templates came to the rescue.

When I bought them I thought they would be great for cutting circles out of paper etc, never thinking that I could use them on my longarm. A revelation to me!

Then I tried a larger circle in the wider border, overlapping from both sides and created a lovely design. No way I could have done that without help!


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One thought on “Gotta love those gadgets

  1. oooohhhh i got gadget envy!

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