Chasing a UFO – well, not literally!

I have had these blocks hanging around for a number of years. I bought the Dresden plate, or more correctly sunflower, blocks from an antique dealer about 10 years ago and appliquéd them onto quilters muslin. I then added the yellow centre circle.

To add to the effect of the 1930 era, I added black feather stitching around all the edges

The petals are made up of all sorts of dress fabrics of the day, mostly cotton prints but a few of them are rayon. The dealer told me that they had been purchased in Illinois, USA and the maker was unknown. They were dated c.1930.

The blocks presented me with a few problems at this stage.


First – there were only nineteen of them. My quilting friends made a few good suggestions: pull them apart and take one wedge from each and replace it with a repro fabric. That brings me to . . .

Second – The problem is that they differ in size. I wondered if that meant that different makers had completed them using common fabrics throughout. So that solution would not work. Another suggestion was to look at a non traditional setting. At our quilt group library we have a great book called Sensational Settings that I have used before with success. That raised another problem. . .

Third – the 19 blocks in the non traditional setting made a very weird shape that was long and skinny. Too long in fact to enter in the quilt group exhibition. So another suggestion was utilised . . .

Solution – set the quilt as if there were 20 blocks leaving the corner one blank and quilt a ‘ghost’ Sunflower block on it. So that is what I am in the process of doing.



Here are some closeups of the prints in the blocks – aren’t they pretty!

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2 thoughts on “Chasing a UFO – well, not literally!

  1. What a clever solution, and very pretty blocks. Looking forward to seeing it complete.

  2. They are lovely and I really like the fancy stitch.

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