Classes at AQC – collage

While at AQC I enjoyed several classes. Two of them were with Suzanne Gummow, a South Australian textile artist. Both classes were based on collage. The first was fabric collage. Suzanne demonstrated her techniques and explained that a lot of the time taken to complete a piece is in the planning stages. Fabric selection is particularly important. I definitely found that with my selection and found it necessary to buy more. (no, really it was necessary).

As I was doing a collage of a gerbera, I did not have enough variation in my yellows and was able to find just what I needed from Dyed and Gone to Heaven. Lisa Walton does the most fantastic hand dyed scrap packs, I found 2 that were perfect. Here is what I achieved.

Completing the flower centre was lots of fun, cutting numerous circles in varying shades of hand dyed and commercial fabrics. The free machine embroidery is lots of fun too and really enhances the shape of the pieces.

You may be able to notice a narrow margin of bright colour around the outer edge of the motif, this really adds dimension to the final piece and prevents it looking flat.

The second workshop that I did with Suzanne was based around reusing and recycling mixed media into collage. We were encouraged to bring along any bits and pieces of fabric, paper, lace, book pages, paper napkins etc. We spent the most inspiring day slapping wallpaper paste all over fabric and paper to create the basis of future collage pieces. This is one of mine that I have yet to develop.


Just to give an idea of what is in it here is a closer view:


This one alone contains lace, Lutrador, silk sari scraps, tissue paper,hand dyed silk, polyester fabric,foil chocolate wrapper, paper serviettes, old book pages, card scrapbooking motif . . . Most do this was excess to previous projects or salvaged from flower wrapping, old books, and chocolates. Nothing was wasted. At the end of the day I had run out of substantial sized pieces of fabric or paper, so I ripped open the brown paper bag that our snack pack was in and used it. Lots of fun! I know it sounds crazy.

Suzanne was a great tutor, imparting a lot of knowledge and advice the. Just letting us “go for it”. She is a member of SALT, a group of textile artists who had an exhibition at AQC and will also be at the Sydney 20th Craft and Quilt Fair June 12-16.

At present I am Developing some of the pieces I did in these classes into exhibition pieces myself. More to come . . .

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