Breakdown Printing Workshop

Over the long weekend I joined a 2 day class on Breakdown Printing or Deconstructed Printing. It was run by ATASDA and the tutor was Lin Wilson. What a great course and lots of fun it was. Two days of mucking about with paint and fabric. My idea of bliss.

Basically the idea is to assemble some textural material (such as leaves, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, lace etc) under a silk screen and then pull fabric paint through it to create a screen.


The screen is then dried with a hair dryer (or in our case in the sun as the weather was very hot) and then pull a clear release paste through the screen to print fabric. As the original colours breakdown, interesting effects are created. You can then used colored release paste to complete printing. Eventually the colours in the screen are exhausted and you wash the screen and start again.

The joy of the whole process is in the unpredictability and pure serendipity of the resulting print and the glorious colors produced.

Here are a couple of my favorites that I produced, you can clearly see the progress of the breakdown in the blue leaf print.


Here is another leaf print, but this time I pulled yellow through the screen as the print began to break


All these beautiful patterns and colors from one screen – but wait here are the final two from that screen. I laid some
leaves on top of the fabric first to create a resist and for the final overlay I used red.



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