It’s an Addiction and a Quick Quilt

Honestly, I don’t know where time goes! There never seem to be enough hours to get things done and I always seem to underestimate how long things will take.

I have a couple of deadlines looming. Several quilts to get done for clients, and a 21st birthday quilt to make and quilt for my niece. I started making quilts for my nieces and nephews (and three daughters) for their significant birthdays when my oldest niece had hers. Seven down, three to go!

It is a great way to give them a lovely gift without needing to know their size, preferences etc. As I do all the work and use many of the fabrics from my stash, it is kinder to the budget too. (But don’t think for one minute that I don’t need to go to the fabric store – oh no, any excuse will do)

For instance, over the weekend I decided that I needed a bit more variety in the black and white prints I was using for my niece, Ashleigh’s, quilt. Three more prints would do it, I thought. So why did I leave the shop with 1.5 metres of black/white, 0.5 metres black/white/red print (no – don’t introduce a new colour into the mix at this stage!), 2 metres red homespun to match the new print added to the colour scheme, 1 Christmas panel, two half metre lengths to match the panel and three rolls of Perle 8 thread to match the panel. What are you mad woman!!!

I am sure that fabric is as addictive as any drug, we quilters seem to have as much trouble resisting it anyway. The colours and patterns, the smoothness to touch, the fresh clean smell and the desire to have it all are hard to resist.

So what an I doing with the black and white prints. I looked up a couple of books that I have at home (another addiction) and saw a pattern that I liked, but alas not enough time to make it – so I came up with the busy lady’s version of it. Maybe I have made something new.

I don’t know what it is called, maybe improved nine patch, but I have seen quilters at my group making these blocks. First you make a nine patch, then slash it across the centre both vertically and horizontally to give 4 smaller blocks. Rotate those to create a new pattern and mix up the squares to jumble the colours. Great idea – but no time. So here is my quick way of doing something like that. In my mind’s eye it looks great. I can’t show you a picture yet because I am making it up as I go.

First step, gather all the fat quarters, cut into squares as large as possible (approx 20 inches square). Then cut that sized square out of the new fabrics. I used 18 squares, with repeats of most prints so I suppose if you were buying new fabrics you could get nine half metres.

Then I cut lots of black one inch strips on the grain for my strips. **dont forget though my shopping trip and the new colour red, so cut some of those too.

Make all those into strips like bias, but not cut on the bias. Now that is a lot of strips, eighty inches per block, times 18 blocks equals ? Mind boggles here. So it will to when you see this photo. But don’t worry I can show you an easy way to do this – no expensive equipment needed.


In my next post, I will show you how to make the bias – have to go and make some scones for quilting group morning tea, running late it’s 7.15am. Busy lady!

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